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More about 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin'
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 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin'
18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' Cover
Courtesy of SCS Software® company I have had the pleasure to participate in testing of 18 Wheels of Steel Haulin'® game. It was fascinating adventure with 18 Wheels of Steel Haulin' game and wonderful cooperation with SCS. All information was confidential for a long time but now you can meet some secrets.

Convoy, the previous game made by SCS did not meet with trucksim fans approval. It had different approach to truck games. I liked it but most of fans did not do it... Sometimes your excessive demands are at variance with other fan's dreams ;-)

SCS Software® as game's creator did it best to satisfy you in short time it had.

 Getting Started

Once the game is installed you can see a nice menu system. It has been designed for both graphical beauty and easy of use.
All options are easily available for configuration. You can easily set up your graphics card, controllers, audio and other game options such as clock notation, transmission, units, subtitles, etc.

To begin your experience with Haulin' you must click New Game button in the Main Window. There are two option to chosen:

    COMPAIGN - choose this mode to experience the true adventure with 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin'. You get old truck (112,499 miles on odometr) and fuel tank fulled in 3/4.
    You can set one of three difficult options here:
  • EASY - no initial loan, $50,000 starting cash, proper trailer orientation not necessery to for valid delivery
  • MEDIUM - no initial loan, $20,000 starting cash, delivered trailers must be properly oriented for unloading
  • HIGH - start with $100,000 loan, $20,000 starting cash, delivered trailers must be properly oriented for unloading
    Free tour around 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' map. In this game you must choose your headquarter, destination for good delivery, cargo and your truck with your favourite paint of course. When your goods will be delivery on the correct place your game will be finished.
The game come back to its source with a plenty of new options. 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' got the best thing from previous 18 WoS games and much more. The map road system and ingame graphics are a little similar to Convoy but rebuilt of course. There are more details now (models, textures, intersections, buldings, trees etc.). The number of cities and trucks is the same like in Convoy but each of these elements got new life. The trucks looks beautiful and are less glisten then before and the cities are teeming with car/truck life.

 New Options

18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' bring you old and new options:
    This option is realized in other way than earlier. Now, you get information about it in the message box without getting black screen. It is your choise to go sleep or not. Remember that you can be fine by Police.
    You can manage your entiry fleet of trailers, trucks and drivers. The companies for which you have already delivered may wish to contract you or your drivers.
    You can track all of your business transactions here. Whether you purchase a truck or trailer, deliver a cargo, hire an employee or got penalty, it will be noted in the journal.
    You can keep an eye on your balance here and also get a loan. Loans are repaid automatically on a monthly basis over a 12 month period, however you can choose to repay the entire loan at any moment.
    It is possible to have any of your fleet's parked vehicles transported between headquarters, garages, and parking lots located in each places on the map.
    By this menu, you can find out where your fleet of trucks are, who is driving them, and to whom they are contracted to. You can examine each truck in your fleet. If your truck is damaged you can see the scope of the damage in the "Truck Damage" section, and may fix it by using the "Service Vehicle" option. You may also sell your trucks via this screen.
    Use the manage trailers screen to find out where your fleet of trailers are, and to whom they are contracted to. You may also sell your trailers via this screen.
    You may hire other drivers to drive your fleets of trucks and trailers. Drivers may be found at any of the various hotels and motels you can visit. You can keep track of your drivers' activities, and to dismiss them from your employment here.
    You may scroll through the list of available trucks, and choose one suitable for your needs. Each truck has its own set of parts available, such as engines and transmissions, all of which can also be purchased from here. Note that each new truck has a delivery time of at least one day - after buying the truck.
    There is a list of trailers available for purchase. Clicking on each trailer reveals a list of the cargo-types which the trailer is suitable for transporting. Note that each new trailer has a delivery time of at least one day - after buying the trailer.
    The map is very useful for navigation. You can zoom in and out of your position on the map. You may also switch on and off various key features of the map, such as services, scales and hotels, by clicking the appropriate map-key buttons.
    Use the emergency call if you are stranded on or off the highway without fuel or traction. The service will cost approximately $1500 depending on circumstances. You will be placed back on the highway with an almost full tank of gas.

More about 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin'
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