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Using cheat codes or tips to play a game is an unsupported modification. Technical Support cannot answer questions relating to their use. Cheat codes are developed and used by game programmers for debugging purposes. They are provided by popular request and are "as is".

 Rig'n'Roll (Tirowiec) cheats

There are no cheats in game at all. It was dropped in publish state. Please find explanation below:

  • Igor's email:
    I would happy to help you, but all cheats were removed from the game, by request of our publisher. The reason - there will be developed online achievement table on the Rig'n'Roll web site in the future.
  • Igor's interview for TruckPol
    Will cheats be put in international version of game on? No, there will be no cheats available in the game. More over, we strongly discommend using any hacking software, since there were already game malfunctions detected during the attempts to make more money.

 Where to Buy Rig'n'Roll (Tirowiec)
rignroll: tirowiec

 Rig'n'Roll (Tirowiec) tips

  • You can make some screenshots by pressing [F12] key. Picture files with 'jpg' extension will be written to "c:\Documents and Settings\\My Documents\My Games\RigNRoll\\\Screenshots\\" directory where: is your windows profile name, is your game profile, is one from "SinglePlayer" or "QuickRace" mode, is date and time when the game was run last.
  • Full/High beam can be changed by its intensity. Go to game folder ..\RigNRoll\GameWorld\ and open "vehicle.ini" file. Find the text "FarDist = 75 (light)" and farDistFull = 150 (distance of light) and change to you value you like.
  • You can change map resolutions by pressing CTRL+TAB keys over and over.
  • You can play your own mp3 files!. Copy your music files to "c:\Documents and Settings\\My Documents\My Games\RigNRoll\\MyRadios" directory. It should be work. You must press "J" key in game to change radio station to yours.

More cheats & tips
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