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 The SCANIA Contest Rules
    SCANIA Truck Driving Simulator by SCS
  1. Sponsors:
    The official sponsor of this contest is SCS Software. TruckPol - SCANIA Truck Driving Simulator The Game Contest
  2. How to Enter:
    To enter the contest, you must be a current TruckPol Forum Member and accept the rules. You can take part only once in this contest. More than one entry will result in disqualification from the contest. You can send your answers to either email: truckpol(at) or truckpol(at) with the subject heading "SCANIA Contest".
    (at) you must replace to @.
  3. Prizes:
    3 "free coupons" for activation of SCANIA Truck Driving Simulator The Game.
  4. Judging:
    3 Winners will be selected for this contest and only 1 prize per person. The current contest runs between July 8th, 2012 - July 28th, 2012. All entries must be recieved before 12 pm (UTC +01:00 zone) of July 28th to be considered eligible. A random drawing will be conducted on July 29th by my son whose decisions are final on all matters relating to this contest ;-)
  5. Entry Rules:
    A valid entry must contain three things:
    I) An email with SCANIA Contest in the subject heading
    II) Your username in TruckPol Community or your real name.
    III) The correct answers to the three (3) questions.
  6. Notification:
    The Winner will be notified by email. If a Winner has an invalid email address or we receive no reply from a Winner after 5 days of our email notification the prize will be forfeited and awarded to an alternate winner.
  7. Who Won?:
    The Winners of the contest will be posted at and
  8. Please make sure you send a valid email when sending questions.

Scania Truck Driving Simulator The Game Box
  1. Who is CEO of SCS Software?
  2. Provide name of next game prepared by SCS Software (in production).
  3. Which company in Poland is SCANIA TDS's publisher.

CEO - chief executive officer
Good Luck!

  1. Pavel Sebor
  2. Euro Truck Simulator 2
  3. CD Projekt

  1. Kenworth8star
  2. Vash2
  3. JMis

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