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 Heads Up Display

The status bar provides essential information about the state of your truck, cargo, need for rest and money. Let's start from the left
  • The total amount of money you have, in euros
  • Indicates how tired you are. If it is nearly filled with blue, you will need to get some rest as soon as you can, otherwise you will experience unpleasant black-out / dozing effects, not to mention falling foul of the traffic offence of driving too long without a rest. This feature only applies if you enable fatigue simulation in the gameplay options.
  • The condition of your truck. The more red you see, the more your truck is damaged. Note that the damage will influence the truck's performance!
  • The condition of the cargo. The more red you see, the worse the damage to the cargo is. Be careful, some cargo is more fragile than others. If no trailer is attached, this field is left empty.
  • The current game time (different from the real world time or your system time).

 Default key controls

More about ETS game rules you can read in Euro Truck Simulator Manual.



ThrottleUp Arrow, W
Brake/ReverseDown Arrow, S
Steering LeftLeft Arrow, A
Steering RightRight Arrow, D
Shift Up (manual)Left Shift or Right Shift
Shift Down (manual)Left Ctrl or Right Ctrl
Start/Stop EngineE
Parking BrakeSpace
Motor BrakeB
Trailer Attach/DetachT
Show/Hide NotebookN
Left-Turn Indicator[
Right-Turn Indicator]
Hazard WarningF
Cruise ControlC
Show/Hide MapM
Show/Hide Wing MirrorsF2
Show Navigation Notebook PageF5
Show Economy Notebook PageF6
Show Career Notebook PageF7
Show Statistics Notebook PageF7
Radio (patch 1.2)R
Inside Camera1
Free Rotate Camera2
Top Camera3
Cabin Camera4
Bumper Camera5
On-Wheel Camera6
Driving-By Camera7
Next Camera8
Rotate CameraRight Shift + Mouse
Look LeftMouse Left or Numpad /
Look RightMouse Right or NumPad *
Look DownMouse Down
Game OptionESC

More about Euro Truck Simulator & Big Rig Europe
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