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 December 23rd, 2008
Merry Christmas


I Hope You Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!

    I would like to say thank you to everybody here and TruckPol Board too. Especially thanks to:
  • Developers & Publishors - without your information this place not exist
  • TruckPol Administrators & Moderators - for their hard work on the board
  • My old & new Friends meet here on TruckPol - your passion keep me still here
  • Members & Guests - without you this board would be dead ;-)

 December 22nd, 2008
SoftLab-Nsk - RignRoll truck game creator

Rig'n'Roll Information

I have received email from Igor Belago about Rig'n'Roll status.

It is really hard to schedule a completion date. A lot of testing, a lot of bugs, a lot of fixes. We just move forward step by step.
Probably we will be on a final stage at the beginning of next year, you are right...

 December 2nd, 2008
SCS Software Logo

EuroTra safety award 2008 ceremony

The information comes from EuroTra source.

Once a year a selection committee consisting of representatives from CIECA, Volvo Trucks and EuroTra, selects the winning proposal meeting all or several of the following criteria:

  • presents a clear link with road safety and encourages a continuous process in the area of road safety;
  • has a connection with benefits of training and education;
  • helps to solve environmental issues in the road transport industry; and
  • is innovative in its nature.

November 28, 2008, The EuroTra safety award ceremony was lead by Mr Kobke, event organiser, Mr Konings, EuroTra coordinator and Mr Pikous, EuroTra Vice-President.

Mr Zdenek Pikous handed over the award to the Czech winner SCS software: He stated: "The selection committee nominated SCS Software as the nominee for this year's award on basis on the following arguments: this game is a very usual concept or a tool to attract youngsters to the sector and at least gives them a very easy way in finding out the atmosphere, the challenges and opportunities of the job as a professional truck driver. Computer accessible games are in this case also educational and are in this era one of the most popular media among youngsters. The concept frames perfect in the action plan of EuroTra: attract youngsters as drivers or logistics' operators to the sector branch."

The CEO of SCS, Mr Pavel Sebor, made a small demo of the game on screen and the members present were surprised by the level of graphism and sceneries which were integrated in the game and by the pedagogical set up of the tool.

 November 20th, 2008
SCS Software Logo

Euro Truck Simulator & Bus Driver patch

There is a new part of information I got from Pavel Sebor (Chief Executive Officer of SCS Software). I have his approval to share part of email with you...

Hello Jarek,
We are still working on the UK patch. The content is pretty much finalized already, but work is still being done on the 3D engine. We are trying hard to make the DirectX renderer as feature-complete as the OpenGL renderer. In the original version of ETS, the DirectX renderer was only supposed to be a fallback solution, but many people use it without knowing of its limitations - even though it has less features and works worse then OpenGL in majority of cases!

Actually we have also almost completed the work on a patch to Bus Driver. Nothing major done with that game - we have added driver's view perspective (but not dashboards or full cabin interiors - it really only is an alternate camera view, with the scenery seen as from the perspective of the driver), and a new tier of routes. Our primary goal for Bus Driver was to add a solid DirectX renderer as well, to improve compatibility of the game with computers out there.

We still think it may take a week - or two - or three - before things are done. We need to release these patches when they are done - not sooner! ;-)

Next week, we are going to EuroTra meeting ( - to receive an award by this association at an official ceremony. Euro Truck Simulator has won an award for promoting trucking! So we are driving to the city of Vejle in Denmark. We do not fly - we travel by car and plan to spend some time taking photographs of big German cities along the way - for research purposes for future projects ;-) . We are going to talk to people from transportation industry there, and I also hope to be able to talk to some people from truck manufacturing companies. The price is sponsored by Volvo Trucks, and I hope to be able to talk to somebody from Volvo there. We are still hoping that if we persist, in the future we may be able to start cooperating with truck manufacturers on officially licensing their brands for our games. We just need to find a way to talk to the right decision makers....

 November 18th, 2008 
1C Company Publisher Logo

Rig'n'Roll at Igromir 2008

The news below is posted courtesy of Nikita Putilin (1C Company). Thanks!
As soon as the Russian game exhibition IGROMIR finished, we have some new information about R'n'R. First of all there are several fan videos (you can find them here and there). Also our forum members received the letter from Igor. It will be translated soon, you will find the whole text on our forum.

More information about Rig'n'Roll at Igromir-2008 is available on Rig'n'Roll site.

 October 11th, 2008
SCS Software Logo

Euro Truck new pictures

SCS Software is still workig under the official game patch as you can see in a new screenshot gallery on the oficial site. There are a few teaser images there from the UK as well as of some new roads added to continental Europe.

 October 3rd, 2008
SCS Software Logo

ETS manuals

Euro Truck Simulator game manuals with high quality pictures are available for download on the Euro Truck Simulator official site. The owners of the multi-language online edition should especially appreciate this, as we had to decrease the size of the downloadable version by reducing the quality of pictures of the included PDF manuals.

 September 15th, 2008
SCS Software Logo

Euro Truck Simulator in UK

ETS was released in the UK a few weeks ago and is about to be launched in Scandinavia too, in both countries with packaging adapted for the local market. The game has scored quite well immediately in Chart Track best-seller list - it made it into Top 10 games on the PC!

 September 7th, 2008
SCS Software Logo

ETS website relaunched

I'm terribly sorry for belated news. Euro Truck Simulator new website design was unveiled at the same time as the multi-language online edition of the game was released for download. The new design should accommodate more information about the game and make enough room for news updates on future development of the game. You can find more information on Euro Truck Simulator official site.

 August 17th, 2008
SCS Software Logo

Polish ETS

So, courtesy of Pavel(SCS Software) I've have possibility to take some pictures from Polish version of Euro Truck Simulator. It is available to examine before official release date planned on August 20th, 2008. You can find them in screenshots section (here)

 August 15th, 2008
SCS Software Logo

ETS Screenshots

I have uploaded new pictures taken from English version of Euro Truck Simulator to my site. They illustrate menu and option available in game and picturesque surroundings too. You can find them in screenshots section (here).
Remember, these screenshots was converted to low resolution for bandwith purposes.

TopWare - the Polish Publisher has opened ETS official site. The price of game is set to 49PLN and release date of ETS to August 20th, 2008. I will be uploaded new pictures from Polish version of Euro Truck Simulator this weekend courtesy of Pavel from SCS.

 August 11th, 2008
SCS Software Logo

German version of ETS

The German box version of Euro Truck Simulator is available in shop now. The game has immediately placed inside Top 10 Best-Selling Games at This information and ETS FAQ section are available on Euro Truck Simulator official site.

More news about ETS is available on TruckPol Board as well. You cand find Pavel Sabre explanation about online demo of ETS game here.

 July 9th, 2008
SCS Software Logo

ETS Expansion Pack

Courtesy of Pavel Sebor (Chief Executive Officer of SCS Software) we got excelent information for all ETS fans.
This information is exclusive to TruckPol site.

... We are not stopping work on the game though - we have already started work on 3 new cities for the game - in United Kingdom, as this is going to be a new territory covered - and available at some point this Autumn in a free patch ...

Backing to the Euro Truck Simulator - the game is fully localized into English, German and Czech and more languages now so it is pretty much done now!

 July 8th, 2008
SCS Software Logo

ETS Screenshots

I am sorry for lack of information last. I am in the middle of my vacation so you must forgive me. I will be answer to your emails after the second part of my holiday

As you probably know the gallery number 9th and 10th appeared on Euro Truck Simulator official site. I have updated my site in forgotten pictures from beta testing as well (here). Remember, these screenshots was taken some time ago so they can be different from last ETS build. A plenty of new pictures will be uploded in the end of next week.

 June 1st, 2008
SoftLab-Nsk - RignRoll truck game creator

Rig'n'Roll Information

SoftLab-Nsk have actually completed development of game and now a stage of total testing and verification has started. Igor Belago have attached 4 new screens to his last email for us and also a photo of RnR with Matrox TripleHead2Go.
You can find these pictures here (RNR pictures page) as 15 to 18 number.

 May 29th, 2008
SCS Software Logo

ETS Screenshots

I live up to my promise given 2 days ago. Courtesy of Pavel Sebor (SCS Software) the first part of Euro Truck Simulator pictures is available on TruckPol ETS screenshots page. The images illustrate the latest progress in development and testing stage. Look at pictures from number 7 and up.

Next pictures soon ..
Please, do not link directly to my resources if you want see next pictures in the future.. Reaching bandwidth limit can block my site ..

 May 27th, 2008

Site Update Announcement

Keep a sharp eye on TruckPol site. Plenty of unique pictures from Euro Truck Simulator and a little from Rig'n'Roll will be available this week yet.

 May 19th, 2008
1C Company Publisher Logo

Rig'n'Roll Video Interview

1C Company announces that the video interview with the members of SoftLab-Nsk - the developers of Rig'n'Roll (Igor Belago, Alexey Pomozanov, Vladimir Shmat), the highly-anticipated truck simulator, is now available for download. Many details of the game and the stages of its development are unveiled in the interview. The video is Russian with English subtitles.
The Rig'n'Roll video interview is available for download from the game's official site here and from 1C Company official site here.
You can also watch the streaming video at the 1C's channel on YouTube page.

The original news is available on Rig'n'Roll site. This news is posted courtesy of Nikita Putilin (1C Company). Thanks!

 May 17th, 2008
SCS Software Logo

New Euro Truck Simulator Pictures & Video

The gallery number 8th on Euro Truck Simulator official site was updated last (Spain sightseeing).

Excalibur Publishing Limited brings you Euro Truck Simulator from leading developer SCS Software. New ETS video part 2 is available there.

This information was sent by davide93. THX.

 April 5th, 2008
SCS Software Logo

Next ETS Shots

Another batch of shots from recent progress on the ETS game is available on Euro Truck Simulator official site (France Sightseeing).

 March 29th, 2008
SoftLab-Nsk - RignRoll truck game creator

SoftLab-NSK Conference

The 1C online conference with Igor Belago, leader of SoftLab-Nsk was ended 3 weeks ago. You can find official Rig'n'Roll Questions and Answers on Rig'n'Roll site.

    There are:
  • Rig'n'Roll development update
  • Information about publisher
  • The system requirements
  • New Rig'n'Roll pictures
  • and more..
It os obligatory reading for Rig'n'Roll fans.

 March 25th, 2008
SCS Software Logo

New ETS Pictures

The next gallery number 6th on Euro Truck Simulator official site was updated some days ago.

 March 6th, 2008
SCS Software Logo

Euro Truck Simulator Gallery

The gallery number 5th is available on Euro Truck Simulator official site.

 February 12th, 2008
1C Company Publisher Logo

SoftLab-Nsk Conference Announced

1C Company is pleased to announce that it will have an online conference with Igor Belago, leader of SoftLab-Nsk. SoftLab-Nsk is the development studio behind the critically acclaimed Hard Truck franchise and is currently working on the third game in the line-up - Rig'n'Roll.
The online conference starts at February 12. You may ask any question you want by-passing mediators, developers will choose the most popular and interesting ones and Igor Belago answers them on 1C's official forum.
To participate in conference please read the conference rules and post your questions here.
Questions will be only accepted until February 22. After this date Igor and his team will start answering your posts.

The original message you can find on Rig'n'Roll official site.

 January 28th, 2008
SCS Software Logo

Euro Truck Simulator Update

There is an update of Euro Truck Simulator official site. New pictures in gallery page (roads around Warsaw) and FAQ section was added. Thanks to Pavel for this information.

 January 27th, 2008
SCS Software Logo

American Long Haul Beta Patch

The 1.01 beta patch for 18 Wheels of Steel American Long Haul is available on SCS Software site.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this is a beta patch, not an official release. It's only intended for testing purposes, and we provide no guarantee whatsoever. The patch has been through only limited internal testing so far and while it was developed with all rigorous standards in place, it was not yet approved for general use. We are only providing it here for preview as a courtesy to our games most devoted fans.
RETAIL VERSION ONLY - will not work with online demo version. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!.

  • background map alignment to road system
  • wrong evaluation of ignoring of custom check / scales in some cases
  • gas station load/save exploit
  • typo (0-4 instead of 10-4)
  • crash when empty long load trailer is taken from garage/parking
  • wrong road numbers between Monterrey and San Antonio
  • missing no weather area in Chicago
  • wrong tunnel light transition in Chicago
  • wrong position of gas station activation point near Monterrey
  • invisible wall on highway 15 between Guaymas and Los Angeles

 January 1st, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

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