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 Default Trucks & Trailers Key Controls

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ThrottleUp Arrow, W
Brake/ReverseDown Arrow, S
Steering LeftLeft Arrow, A
Steering RightRight Arrow, D
Shift Up (manual)Left Shift or Right Shift
Shift Down (manual)Left Ctrl or Right Ctrl
Start/Stop EngineE
Parking BrakeSpace
Motor BrakeB
Left-Turn Indicator[
Right-Turn Indicator]
Hazard WarningF
Cruise ControlC
Show / Hide Info ScreenF1
Show/Hide Wing MirrorsF2
Show / Hide On-Screen DashboardF3
Show / Hide Navigation MapM
Free Rotate Camera1
Inside Camera2
Side Camera3
Cabin Camera4
Bumper Camera5
Drive-By Camera6
Next Camera9
Look LeftMouse Left or Numpad /
Look RightMouse Right or NumPad *
Trailer Attach/DetachT
Display ModeI
Rotate CameraLeft Alt
Audio PlayerR
Game OptionESC

Note: Some of the above keyboard actions (such as Steering Left or Steering Right) may be overridden by additional controllers (joystick, gamepad, wheel etc.) and may no longer work.

If you select a game controller other than keyboard, you are automatically switched to the controller's settings. You should setup the controlling device properly right away, otherwise it will not work in the game. You can switch between the controller and key settings any time by pressing the button in the lower left corner of the controls settings screen. Caution, certain keyboard controls (especially related to steering) may become disabled as they may be overridden by the additional controller.

More about Trucks & Trailers
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