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 ETS 2 Features
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Cover
  • incredibly reproduced real trucks,
  • Scania, MAN, Renault trucks with original brands,
  • Volvo, DAF, Iveco and Mercedes-Benz trucks as Valiant, DAV, Ivedo and Majestic brand,
  • DAF added as new licensed truck brand in patch
  • Iveco added as new licensed truck brand in patch 1.3
  • Volvo added as new licensed truck brand in patch 1.3
  • transport a vast variety of cargo,
  • building your own business (buy garages, hire drivers, manage your company for maximum profits),
  • truck tuning possibility from performance to cosmetic changes,
  • new quality driving physics,
  • plenty of optional spare parts like lights, bars, horns, beacons, smoke exhausts, and more,
  • 4 times greater map than the first part of Euro Truck Simulator,
  • thousands of kilometers of real road networks,
  • 18 companies (30 include quarries)
  • 33 cargos (103 including patches)
  • 12 European countries (16 including DLC).
  • 73 cities in Europe (91 including DLC),
  • dynamic environment with day and night time,
  • moroway toll (tollgates with working barierrs),
  • level-crossings with working barriers,
  • real looking gas station, truck stops, services,
  • simple pedestrian traffic on the pavement,
  • hundreds of famous landmarks and structures,
  • working instruments such as flashing indicators, temperature and low fuel warning lights, wipers, and a full set of gauges
  • new traffic AI
  • kmph/mph switch mode
  • sleeping time mode
  • Route Advisor (GPS and more)

 Addon/DLC Features
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Going East! Cover
  • Additional 20+ hours of driving to explore all the new areas in the game world.
  • 13 new cities including Warsaw, Krakow, Ostrava, Budapest, Kosice and more.

 Getting Started

The Euro Truck Simulator 2 lets you experience the thrill of driving the most powerful trucks that cruise the european motorways. You will start as an enthusiast trucker for hire and will get the chance to build your own transportation company across the whole Europe almost. Configure your trucks from scratch, buy as many as you will be able to afford to do it, try to explore every road and acquire a garage in every explored city - these are just a few of the challenges that awaiting fo you.

The game's world is absolutely massive in scope. The game has about 73 cities and 12 countries included to explore. Some coutries like France, Poland and Italy are presented only partially. I have played this game a month and only 47% of game world is discovered. From scenic countrysides to tunnels curving through mountain hills, bridges, driving your truck to and from each destination is always an opportunity to see more of the many included countries and cities. You will be regular customer of gas stations, rest stops and toll gates as well. You meet cars, buses, and other trucks going about their business on your road. I only wish that game world would have been populated with more people walking around and some animals...

The roads are filled with other cars and trucks which you have to watch out for, as well as road signs and such which will just get knocked down when you run over them. There doesn't seem to be any cosmetic damage, but hitting things will damage your truck and you'll have to pay for repairs, hitting things on the job will also cause you to earn less money and experience points once you complete the job. You also get fines for speeding if you're caught by a camera, as well as running red lights and driving in the wrong lane.

At the beginning of game you start with little money, you do only jobs for other companies who provide you with their trucks and cargo for commercial gain. You can also later take out get a bank loan to maximum 400000 Euro and buy your first truck and garage to be self-empleyed.

There are dealerships across the game world in which players can enter and view trucks that are available for purchase. You must visit selected dealer or buy it online (this option is available after 5 trucks bought formerly in traditional way). Trucks, parts, and cosmetic items at dealerships are unlocked as players advance in career experience levels. The amount of customization options for trucks is staggering from parts like the front and rear lamps, engine, exhaust pipes, mirrors to additional cosmetic tweaks such as name plates and placement of lights. If you are not glad in your truck looks you can repaint it to your favourite colours.

Now you can drive your own truck to pick up a cargo in discovered previosly city and deliver it to the destination you selected in route plan. Each time the goods are delivered to destination you get not only money but experience points as well which you can spend on unlocking some licences to transport explosives and other hazardous materials (ADR), to get more long distance haul, getting high value cargoes, fragile cargoes, opening just-in time deliveries level or even set ecodriving level to save your fuel. The experience points are available to exchange only if you achieve next/higher game level. I enjoyed the added incentive to drive just one more trip to either unlock new items for my truck or gain level to haul more lucrative cargo.

If you have enough money to spend, you can hire more drivers to your business (you must buy previously truck for them of course). The drivers are available to hire in Recruitment Agency you met in cities for sure. You should also upgrade your garage or buy new one around available cities in Europe. There is only a sad thing here. You never meet your hired drivers on the roads... There is only hidden progress of their carrer. They work but this is made only by game engine. Maybe next patch change it and they will be visible on roads in the future. Who known it?

Like in SCANIA Truck Driving Simulator you can listen to your custom favourite music tracks or even online radio, driving across european roads. How to add your favourite online radio is described HERE.

 Route Advisor

Another of cool new features of Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the Route Advisor displayed in a lower right corner. It is a combination of a navigation unit, scheduling device, diagnostics and communication module. It displays important information such as current speed, gear, fuel level, e-mail icon, day and hour and the company's bank account balance.
The status bar provides essential information about the state of your truck, cargo, need for rest and money. Let's start from the left

  • Press [F5] key shows a route map. Click twice its button [F5] to change the map's scale. If you have set a destination place or you are completing an order, the route is marked in red and shows information about remaining distance and arrival time.
  • Press [F6] key presents information about your current order. There are information data about your cargo, place of destination and company being the cargo receiver, delivery date, estimated income (if everything goes right) and remaining time (including time for rest). At the very bottom you see when you have to stop to rest. Also, you can cancel the order here.
  • Press [F7] key is not very important. It presents the truck and cargo damage level (the latter affects the income).

 Traffic rules & fees

Breaking traffic laws will be penalized by fines. Crashes into other vehicles are reported immediately, other offences are only discovered when the police camera spots you. If you get a fine, an on-screen message will appear.

Remember that damaging the cargo affects your income. It is not related to damaging your truck, you can repair in each repair station. But the cargo cannot be repaired unfortunately. If you are late your income will decrease as well.
Abandoned job will be fine € 12.000.

 The fines for traffic rules violation

The penalty will be showed immediately in offence message box as fee of your last offence.

Fine Reason

Time in Real [sec]



vehicle crash offence00.7€ 400
avoid sleeping offence600.3€ 150
wrong way offence150.6€ 100
speeding (camera) offence01.0€ 550
headlight usage offence700.3€ 150
red traffic lights offence00.4€ 350
speeding (city/other) offence600.0€ 550

These penalty fees are valid for basic ETS 2 game only. The patches can (or not) have influence on described fees).

These parameters can be changed by you by editing police_data.sii in def.scs file

 The loan offers

The loans must be paid on time ;-)
You can receive necessary funds by taking a loan. Try it at the very beginning of the game, after completing a few quick orders. You get proposal for first loan by bank after finshing 2 jobs. Later, the loan limit will be raised up to EUR 500,000. To visit a bank, click on the icon in lower right corner displayed on a driver's screen (an icon with € symbol).


Loan Amount

Daily Installment

Interest Rate

Repaiment Period
Weeks/Days€ 10,000€ 29023%5/35€ 50,000€ 1,44620%5/35€ 100,000€ 2,88818%5/35€ 400,000€ 5,78812%10/70

These loan offers are valid for basic ETS 2 game only. The patches can (ot not) have influence on described fees). The invitation to work for company is available after 2 completed jobs

These parameters can be changed by editing bank_data.sii and special_event_data.sii files. How to unpack def.scs you cand find in cheat & tips page.

 Currency exchange rates

Exchange rates taken to calculate prices and fees in national currency in game.

Currency Name

Currency Code

Exchange Rates

Currency Symbol

Swiss francCHF1.2CHF
Czech KorunaCZK25
Pound sterlingGBP0.8£
Polish złotyPLN4.2
Hungarian forintHUF293Ft

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