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Using cheat codes to play a game is an unsupported modification. Technical Support cannot answer questions relating to their use. Cheat codes are developed and used by game programmers for debugging purposes. They are provided by popular request and are "as is".

 Euro Truck Simulator 2 cheats

There are not any known working cheat codes for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game due to planned online player scoring. But some patches can unblock it maybe. Please let me know it.

Developer (internal) version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 has cheat code enabled for game test purpose.

 Euro Truck Simulator 2 mod tools

You may use SCS's extractor to unpack Euro Truck Simulator 2 game archive (*.scs extension is zip variant) to develop and build game mods. To pack the archive again use any available ZIP application after you've finished your mod.
Download the extractor from HERE and use it as below:

scs_extractor.exe archive.scs [your_output_path]

 The favorite online radio in Euro Truck Simulator 2 game

Open the file Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\live_streams.sii in your favorite text editor. You may write as many radios streams as you want into this file - see following steps.
For each radio you want to add, add new line with the following format:

stream_data[]: "RADIO_URL|RADIO_NAME"

The line describing the radio stream has to be properly formatted. Replace RADIO_URL with the URL of the radio stream. Replace RADIO_NAME with the radio name you want to see in the game. Remember to keep proper formatting and the "|" character separating the radio URL and name. Example of live_streams.sii file:

live_stream_def : .live_streams {
stream_data[]: "|My Favourite Radio"
stream_data[]: "|Another Radio"

The game supports all MP3-type streams (except MMS). If you have proper codec installed you may be able to listen to many other stream formats.

 Euro Truck Simulator 2 map editor

To enter a map editor, you must edit config.cfg file located in your home directory; for example
..\$MyDocuments\Euro Truck Simulator 2\config.cfg

You should create a backup copy of your config file before next step. Use your favourite text editor to edit the config.cfg file. Change the following line in your config file to enable console and developer mode

uset g_developer "1"
uset g_console "1"

and then save the config.cfg file. Next begin Euro Truck Simulator 2 game and press the ~ (tilde) key to display the console box. Type one from following:

edit europe

and map editor will be displayed ;-).

More cheats & tips
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