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Using cheat codes to play a game is an unsupported modification. Technical Support cannot answer questions relating to their use. Cheat codes are developed and used by game programmers for debugging purposes. They are provided by popular request and are "as is".

 King of the Road cheats

To enter a cheatcode, pause the game by hitting [Pause]. Then type the cheatcode, and hit [Pause] again to resume the game.
In many cases entering a cheatcode enables some ability, and otherwise does nothing 'visible'.
For example, when you enter SLREPAIR, you do not get fixed immediately; instead you get a 'repair ability'. To repair, you then hit [Backspace] in the game, unlimited number of times.
REMEMBER ! You can use the cheats only at your own risk. The game becomes unstable.







Press [Backspace] for free repair



Enables 'Call 911' (NOTRUF in German version) for free by pressing [CTRL+5]



Removing all road obstructions



Disable all mines



All 'secrets' (containers, fuel tanks, hidden roads) become visible on the map



You get $50,000 (€50,000) and a license to hire a driver



all cheats together



Unlimited fuel



You get 'turbo mode' by pressing keys:

  • CTRL+1 Turbo forward
  • CTRL+2 Turbo reverse
  • CTRL+3 Turbo upwards
  • CTRL+4 Turbo downwards

  • KotR - King of The Road
  • Db2 - Dalnoboyshchiki 2 (Russian version of KotR)
  • HT2 - Hard Truck 2
  • minesoff exist in execution file but is not supported. The mines can be disabled by 'slallcheats' exspression [*].

 King of the Road tips

  • You can make some Screen Shots by pressing [F6] key (KotR and RnR). This will make a file with 'bmp' extension in the ./SCREENSHOTS directory. You can also get a picture by hitting [Alt+PrintScreen] (KotR, RnR, HT2) and copying it to a graphics program.
  • Each time you pick up a trailer or cargo container, another one is created to replace it somewhere else in the game world.
  • You must have a load for GreyStone to go there or the police helicopter will shoot you. You can also use the navigator to get through the shortcut in the mountain tunnels.
  • You must have a load for the navigator to work.
  • On the map there will be a red and white arrow icon, maybe some white truck icons, and maybe some pink truck icons. The arrow icon represents your current position. Any white truck icons are trucks that you are competing against with your current load. The pink trucks are your hired drivers. One pick truck may be flashing, this is the truck you have currently selected from your drivers list [F4].
  • There are five bays in the depot. The first (Unloading Point 0) is for unloading cargo, and thus is the one you must stop at to drop off loads and be paid! The next four (Loading Point 1-4) are used for picking up orders.
  • The information booth contains a list of the loads available at the current and nearby loading bays.
  • I you're low on gas, calling 911(NOTRUF in German version) will refill your tank to three bars. But it's very expensive.
  • Buy a cargo scanner immediately. The fines for being caught with illegal cargo can broke you!
  • Try to take shelter behind another truck to avoid the bullets.
  • You can play your own music tracks!. You have to copy your songs to any directory and write their name to truck.ini file in section [INSTALL]. The songs that you want listen to must be in MP3 format.
  • You can delete files with .BNE extension in game directory (AVI format). These file are responsible for short films in the game. The film about the winner for example.
  • KotR includes a few situation with mines, but a lot less than in HT2. Only if the gamer transport money or extremely pricey goods (cigarettes, wages, vodka etc.), is there the possibility that mafia uses mines. You have to own over 15% of the market and then you can arouse interest of mafia. Mafia is not active close to police.
  • You can transport the illegal goods if you reach over 23% of the market.

More cheats & tips
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