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 18 Wheels of Steel: Across America
18 Wheels of Steel: Across America Cover
Like its predecessor called Hard Truck:18 Wheels of Steel, this game is developed by the Czech company SCS Software® and published by Valusoft®.

The aim of the game in 18 Wheels of Steel Across America is to deliver cargoes around the United States, to earn money, to gather prestige, and to beat your opponents at the same game. Yes! We have some opponents in the series of 18WOS at last! The game has several scenarios:

  • Become a Millionaire
  • The Devil of the Western Coast
  • Free Mode
  • New York Cargo Madness
  • The Longest Journey.

If you are advanced user this game, you'll be capable of making new scenario under yours own steam! See Cheats&Tips section.

You have to choose one of the fifteen 3D modeled big rigs and drive with one of 30 (or more) cargos, including livestock, chemicals and mobile homes. Each of trucks you choose, you can paint as you want or you can buy unique skin. When you find a truck-dealer, you can buy a new truck and or spare parts from him; the trucks and parts he is offering will be added to the list of available parts and truck in your Notebook. These dealers are not automatically displayed on the map - you must go find them, and when you do, they will appear on the map.

Traveling actual US highways across the continuous 48 states, passing through the plains, along the coasts and over mountain passes, gamers will experience the unique thrill of driving their own rig. With tons of cargo and thousands of dollars at stake, players will encounter jammed urban streets, accidents, unpredictable weather and even the police--but one bad move can have catastrophic effects on a player's business, costing them time and money. Players then use the payouts from successful deliveries to add dozens of upgrades to their vehicles to build their reputation and become a trucking tycoon.

During the existence of your company, your prestige is continuously changing. This depends on the condition of your delivered loads, how you behave on the road, and how many cities you master by becoming the prefered courier of the city. Higher prestige means you will have better chance of delivering more cargoes, and of receiving higher loans. Conflicts with the police or collisions with other truck drivers can cost you significant loss of prestige!

Before you can hire drivers, you must get in touch with them - talk to them over CB. Often he or she will make contact first using the CB radio whilst you are on the road, and you should answer their queries helpfully. It's also worth it being active and trying to check who is listening from time to time - the earlier you find the best qualily drivers, the higher the chance you will be able to employ them before the competitors do. Drivers with better prestige will be able to get better job assignments and make your company more money. But you must remember, you can hire only drivers with worse or the same prestige as you.

If you are having some problem, you should consider dialing 911 number. Your truck will be moved to a safe place, fueled, and partly repaired. Of course, this service does not come free of charge. If your truck was badly damaged, consider going to the nearest Service Station, because the 911 technician will not repair 100% of the damage.

18 Wheels of Steel: Across America is the fourth release in ValuSoft's best-selling trucking series, which has sold in excess of 580,000 total units (Source: NPD Techworld).

 Available scenarios

Become a Millionaire
To beat your opponents in this mode, be the first person to earn one million dollars.

The Devil of the Western Coast
You'll have to pull out all the stops to deliver this one on time! Pick up the special cargo from Seattle and take it to Los Angeles, as fast as possible!

Free Mode
This mode is the only one not restricted by any limits. You can play it as long as you like, and the object of the game is to carry the most effective cargoes, hire people and win over your opponents.

New York Cargo Madness
In this scenario, you have a limited amount of time to deliver a trailer with a special cargo to New York.
This cargo can only be found in one loading dock, in one of three cities - Seattle, San Francisco, or Los Angeles.
If you deliver it to the correct state on time, you may just make it to the Hall of Fame!

The Longest Journey
The longest route is from Miami to Seattle. If you choose this scenario, you will take this road. Pick up the special cargo from the loading dock, and go as fast as you can to Seattle! If you make it on time, the Hall of
Fame is waiting for you!

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