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 CB Radio Ten Codes

The most commonly used 10 codes are marked BOLD. More about CB codes you can read on Wikipedia.



10-1receiving poorly
10-2receiving well
10-3stop transmitting
10-4ok, message received
10-5relay message
10-6busy, standby
10-7out of service, leaving air
10-8in service, subject to call
10-9repeat message
10-10transmission completed, standing by
10-11talking too rapidly
10-12visitors present
10-13advise weather, road conditions
10-16make pickup at...
10-17urgent business
10-18anything for us?
10-19nothing for you, return to base
10-20my location is ... or what's your location?
10-21call by telephone
10-22report in person to...
10-23stand by
10-24completed last assignment
10-25can you contact
10-26disregard last information
10-27i am moving to channel...
10-28identify your station
10-29time is up for contact
10-30does not conform to fcc rules
10-32i will give you a radio check
10-33emergency traffic
10-34trouble at this station
10-35confidential information
10-36the correct time is...
10-37wrecker needed at...
10-38ambulance needed at...
10-39your message delivered
10-41please tune to channel...
10-42traffic accident at...
10-43traffic tie up at...
10-44i have a message for you
10-45all units within range please report
10-50break channel
10-60what is next message number?
10-62unable to copy, use phone
10-63net directed to...
10-64net clear
10-65awaiting your next message, or assignment
10-67all units comply
10-70fire at...
10-71proceed with transmission in sequence
10-73speed trap at...
10-75you are causing interference
10-77negative contact
10-81reserve hotel room for...
10-84my telephone number is...
10-85my address is...
10-91talk closer to mike
10-92your transmitter is out of adjustment
10-93check my frequency on this channel
10-94please give me a long count
10-95transmit dead carrier for 5 sec.
10-99mission completed, all units secured
10-100rest stop
10-200police needed at...

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