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The Rig'n'Roll's Story action is set in the Independent State of California in the future. Nick Armstrong (you), the main hero runs small Nick Trucking company based in Oxnard to pursue his dreams of road domination and capture the California cargo transportation market. There are miles of highways to conquer and cities and towns to reach as he becomes the greatest trucker on the highways. But for now, he's starting with only a small amount of cash and his huge desire to rule the road. You can explore the highly realistic game world includes about 40 cities and towns and over 12,000 miles of real California roads, scaled down to 1,200 in-game miles (the Rig'n'Roll scale of the game being 1:10).

    There is several key locations in Rig’n’Roll:
  • "California Commercial Warehouse Alliance" (CCWA), where you can pick-up order.
  • Offices, where you can manage your company, hire and fire truckers, and purchase new trucks and offices.
  • Gas stations, just like in real life, you will have to visit it ;-)
  • Service stations, where you can repair, upgrade and restyle your truck as you wish.
  • "60 Miles" bars, sources of information about what is going on around the state.
  • "Trucker Lodge" motels, where you can rest after a long trip.

Right from the beginning of Rig'n'Roll game, you'll be right in the action. While you can pick up side-missions when you need, the game offers a strong storyline to keep things lively. Some storyline missions can be declined without effecting the story, but most must be completed for the storyline to progress. Otherwise you may never complete the story and achieve the "Trucker of the Year" status in Rig'n'Roll. However, you will still be able to continue playing in free-play mode. The game will notify you when rejecting a mission means upsetting the storyline. Accepting certain storyline missions will automatically cancel current deliveries (with all the ensuing penalties). The game will notify you when accepting a mission means abandoning your current tasks. Rig and Roll Cover

Story mode is balanced for the Trucker difficulty level (novice, advanced). Advanced mode in Rig'n'Roll is recommended for skilled players. You cannot change the difficulty level once the game has started. If you are unhappy with the selected difficulty level, you will have to start a new career.

Each city and town in the region owns the local warehouse (CCWA) that offers some goods to distribute . Nick Armstrong is one of the truckers who runs about the region looking for a profitable order and peddles goods from one place to another. Once you deliver the goods, you can pick up next order to the other warehouse. Crashes or damages goods, reducing their value, and what follows your reward for a job well done as the same time delivery and place in racing.

California Commercial Warehouse Alliance is the source of work for Californian truckers in Rig'n'Roll. Their warehouses are located in every inhabited locality, offering a wide range of goods and delivery routes. The warehouse product range depends on the importance and size of the locality.

    CCWA warehouses offer three types of missions in Rig'n'Roll:
  • Cargo delivery - Cargo transportation can be competitive or noncompetitive. If it's competitive, the cargo is delivered by a few truckers, with a bonus going to the first one to complete the delivery. Competitive deliveries are often better-paid than noncompetitive. All cargos have the delivery time!
  • Open offer - Sometimes, the CCWA announces an Open Offer for delivering select cargo. However, in order to win the contract and accept the priority shipment, you will need to be the first trucker to travel from the inviting CCWA warehouse to the location of the shipment. If you win, you will qualify for a premium delivery rate which pays double or even triple. Open Offers information is published in the Long Haul News, available in any "60 Miles" bar.
  • Race - Each race you win yields a cash prize, not to mention the respect you receive from other truckers.

In addition to CCWA deliveries and storyline missions, you will be offered side missions as well.

    These include:
  • Trailer delivery
  • Giving a lift
  • Parcel delivery
  • Making a visit
  • Rumors
    Side Missions can be offered in a number of ways:
  • Personally by a client (in a 60 Miles bar or on a highway)
  • Over CB radio
  • In Long Haul News (found in 60 Miles bars)

Rig'n'Roll Side missions offered on radio or in a newspaper are logged into your game journal (F3 key) and can be accepted within a certain time frame, after which they become unavailable. Customers may transmit such kind of mission over CB radio, post them in Long Haul News, or mention them in bars or even along highways. Parcel deliveries are usually offered by hitchhikers on highways, or in 60 Miles bars.

So, this is the end. Start Rig’n’Roll and became "Trucker of the Year" !

  • The game concepts – I was waiting on King of the Road successor and I got it. Even some effects was removed I love this game. Remember, I am not fanatic a truck reality and truck details so my awaiting are lesser than other real fans.
  • The Rig'n'Roll music – you can hear classic rock, rock’n’roll, country music and my favorite heavy metal by Aria (the same team that sound tracks was included in Hard Truck 2 / King of the Road). It is possibility to use your own MP3 files you like in the radio. To listen your own music, copy MP3 files to the My Radios folder. By default it is located in

    "C:\Documents and Settings\[WINDOWS USERNAME]\My Documents\My Games\RigNRoll\[PROFILE NAME]"

    for Windows XP users or in
    "\Users\[WINDOWS USERNAME]\Documents\My Games\RigNRoll\[PROFILE NAME]\"
    for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users.

    There are also some commercials and road news on the truck radio between sound trucks.
  • The trucks - even though we got less trucks than we were expected due to licensing problems, the trucks are pretty and very realistic. If you make some truck upgrades your machines they will be look more beautiful yet. I have heard some complains – seats are to close side by side ore too small or big. I do not care about it. It is only games ...
  • The damage effects – beautiful effects like parts falling off, the hood or door get opened, sparks flying, the windshield’s cracks and shatters and even the truck on fire. Though the collision detection could be a little better.
  • The Rig'n'Roll landscape – the screenshots tell you true. The city and towns details are incredible. Every major nature scenery you can find there as well. So you will be delighted with mountains, deserts, forests, oceans, rivers and even streams. There is only one thing not accepted by me. The low quality landscape textures (trees, branches and some other objects). I think it could be a little better because today’s computers are much better from these ones when Hard truck 2 was released. Probably it had an influence on game performance and was dropped in implementation process.
  • The weather - The sky changes from day to night, the weather turns to rain or to snow on your windscreen are beautiful. Sometimes the sun or moon will be concealed behind the clouds. It looks very nice. But what you must see it is rain especially in night. It is so realistic I can't describe it and you have to experience it yourself.
  • Truck upgrades – you can change your truck as you wish if you are rich enough of course ;-)
  • The Police activity – I liked very much Police activity in King of the Road / Hard Truck 2 and now I am wanting in Rig'n'Roll. Lack of speeding and turn off high beam at night tickets, speed cameras, police helicopters and even police blockade.
  • Road rules – lack of road sign and speed limit signs is a joke. I miss it very much. The second - AI reaction on the road are very unpredictable. They do not use turn signals for example and change 2 lines at 45 degrees! Collision absolutely sure…
  • Road system – I was awaiting more hidden road and dirty road like it was in Hard Truck 2. I have found only one hidden road (do not included on map and connected 2 different routes) and no dirty road. Lack of pedestrians is next big disappointment the same as traffic lights at some city crossroads.
  • Multiplayer - current games must have it !
  • Truck – lack of odometer. Why? Some trailers have not lights (stop lights). It is only two negative things about trucks.
  • Truckstop – I have never seen any cars in it (police do not include in it). AI trucks avoid this place so truck stop looks like closed. AI trucks never refuel and never run out of fuel either ;-)
  • HUD – it would be better to have possibility to hide/show HUD by pressing a key. Lack of current game time in HUD make mission playing difficult for us. The current time is available in Journal (F3 key) but it is not comfortable.
  • Pedestrians - Lack of pedestrians is next big disappointment although it was announced to release in game. The all truck games looks without life. It would be fine to see birds, animals even behind fences or in the woods.
  • Weigh station – truck scales was announced but do not include in Rig'n'Roll.

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